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Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib is the name which is very closely related to Sindh and Sindhis.

He was a Holy man, a messenger of God who would always sing in
his melodious voice in the praise of his Creator.

He was born in the month of April by the blessings of Saint Khotaram Sahib, who was man with Godly powers and was the Father of Saint Satram Das Sahib Guru of Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib.

Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib's mother was a great lady. She wanted a son and she learnt from somebody that she could have a son only if she gets Saint Khotaram Sahib's blessings and then there came that great day when she got the blessings from Saint Khotaram Sahib. He asked her if she has any desires when she told Saint Khotaram Sahib that she wanted a son, Saint Khotaram Sahib told her that God will definitely fulfill her wish and then after some time Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib was born. 

It was a wonderful day, 13th of April. It is a well known fact that Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib made Sindh and Sindhis proud of themselves in 
the whole world. He had a sweet melodious voice, it is said when Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib sang people would forget about everything. They would leave their work and remain where ever they were, to listen to him. 

People loved him, adored him, as he was man of God. He always spoke the truth and asked people to speak truth, as he believed that if a person is honest to himself and to the society he can achieve success in his work and can get more closer to God almighty as God always listens to those who are honest and kind.

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